Stan Laurel's gentle silliness has charmed audiences for decades. Here are some photos of Jeffrey Weissman's unique re-creation of this comic genius.

Laurel & Hardy - Wine Sommeliers

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Jeffrey Weissman and Bevis Faversham, in their tribute to Laurel & Hardy, are rated the foremost impersonators of "the boys" in the world. They have delighted tens of thousands internationally. Approved by the licensers, The Sons of the Desert and the Laurel family, for seventeen years they have been the best Laurel and Hardy team at Universal Studios, Hollywood.

Jeffrey & Bevis have added a very special touch to many openings, street festivals, conventions, trade shows, casinos, private parties and on television. Even the official Laurel & Hardy fan club, The Sons Of The Desert, have had Bevis & Jeffrey appear at their national conventions in Monterey and at the Centennial for Hal Roach & Oliver Hardy on Catalina Island.

The Laurel & Hardy Music & Magic Show toured the Far East for Legends in Concert on Star Line Cruises, entertaining guests on the floating Casino ships sailing from Singapore to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The show has played in Panama City, Monterey, California and entertained retirees at Leisure World in Seal Beach, California.

By spreading the joy of "the boys" on appearances in Denmark, Switzerland, England, Canada, Latin America and here in the states, they keep the spirit of the greatest comedy team in film alive!


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