Sometimes all you need in life is a little magic.
Slapdash is the story of a recalcitrant magic troupe that has more interest in their next drink than their next performance.

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While staying at a motel in Northern California, Mac, an impetuous clown, and Laslo, a talentless magician, meet Rebecca, a stranded cocktail waitress. Their gin soaked lives take an unexpected turn when Rebecca accidentally gives an elderly man a heart attack in the room next door.

Panicking, Rebecca convinces Mac and Laslo to move the body. However, their good intentions are interrupted when a hockey bag full of marijuana is discovered in the room.

After swapping the corpse for the weed, a comedy of errors ensues as the magic troupe heads to San Francisco and unwittingly tries to sell their acquisition back to the original owners.

Slapdash was written and directed by Colin Hebert.
Colin is a California native and graduate of UCSC's Theatre Arts Program where he received the Provost Achievement Award and Porter College Undergraduate Fellowship Grant. He has been working as an editor in San Francisco for six years. 'Slapdash' is his first feature.

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