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  The 3 STOOGES Biography

Chris Durmick, Brian Patrick Mulligan and Jeffrey Weissman comprise the nation's Number-One 3 Stooges impersonator act*.

Not only do they look like Moe, Curly and Larry but they uncannily capture all their mannerisms and voices. No special event should go without the Curly Shuffle, a Moe eye-poke or Larry getting his hair pulled out.

These talented comedians have performed world wide at corporate events for Disney, McDonald's, Harrah's Ricon Casino, Oracle, IBM, Nickelodeon, General Electric and Hershey to name but a few. They have delivered side-splitting humor at literally hundreds of county fairs, festivals and conventions, and they launched the Family Channel's promotional campaign for Stooge T.V., a job which sent them all over the country for personal appearances in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and other cities.

Chris, Brian and Jeffrey all boast drama degrees and individually have been featured in films such as Steven Spielberg's Hook, Clint Eastwood's Pale Rider, Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future II and III (with Michael J. Fox), Twilight Zone the Movie (with John Lithgow) and Cobb (with Tommy Lee Jones). Along with their 3 Stooges sketch on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, their individual television appearances include NYPD Blue, Beverly Hills 90210, Diagnosis Murder, Saved By The Bell, and overseas in England's The Big Story.

Their combined talents are guaranteed to tornado any event into a comic frenzy. Your guests will be talking about their shenanigans for years to come! So don't settle for less, get your eyes poked out by the best!!

"Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!"

"We searched nationwide for a Stooges act and couldn't find any to be satisfactory. When we discovered these three, we were ecstatic! They're simply the best!"
-- Chris Yardos, The Family Channel

"Great job on the 3 Stooges FIGHT CLUB sketch!"
-- Jay Leno, The Tonight Show

* For your convenience, our cast includes the above mentioned comedy stars, and 3 alternate performers, so your company will never be without our hilarious tribute act. The above bio credits include a composite of all six of our performers.

bulletMy Northern California Three Stooges team was hired to present legendary punk rocker Iggy Pop with his 60th Birthday cake and treat him and his band "the Stooges" to many gags and some Stooge antics based on his own music lyrics.

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